Jalema Grip

We have all experienced crowded bulletin and memo boards in our offices - A lot of documents are placed over each other; we often find it a challenge to find just that one piece of paper we are looking for! We also find too often the documents that fall off every once in a while!

Have you ever considered using the Jalema Grip? An unmissable tool to present important documents or other projects on your wall - Curious about the most important advantages? The grip provides you of an overview, is easy to use and can be applied in numerous possibilities.

What is it exactly, that Jalema Grip?

It might sound a bit more exciting than it, in reality is, that Jalema Grip. If you look at the product, it is actually a fairly simple clamp list made out of an aluminium profile and a number of plastic rolls. And precisely because of thát simple design, the Jalema Grip is extremely handy. With only one hand you can slide paper into the grip, and also pull it out again. However, once you have inserted the paper, you don't just pull it out anymore. You can only do this by pulling the paper 90° towards you. The paper then simply loosens from the grip and it does not damage. The advantage is that the documents do not just fall out. Not even if a strong wind enters your office through an open window! The aluminium profile ensures the grip of a professional appearance.

A lot of different purposes

If you think of all the situations in which the Jalema Grip would be a very handy tool, then you can make a nice list! The grip can’t only be used as a replacement for that huge, unorganised memo board, but also for other purposes. For example, think of a classroom where children proudly want to hang their works and drawings onto the wall. But the grip is also an ideal solution to use in a production hall for hanging time sheets, in a restaurant to hang up orders in the kitchen or at an architectural firm where you always see construction plans hanging on the wall. Those are just a few of the various purposes that are possible with the Jalema Grip.

Adaptable to any length

The Jalema Grip is available in five different lengths: 340 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm. There’s a huge change that the length that you need, is available among these sizes. However, it can also happen that you need a different length. Then it is nice if you can have a grip in a longer (or shorter) length, instead of having to attach three loose grips next to each other onto the wall. Ask about the possibilities at Clever Equipment, often the grip can be produced in a different format especially for you.

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